We’re a full-service online marketing and branding agency built for the now. We partner with clients to drive their business outcomes with best-in-class: Online marketing, Search engine optimization and Website creation.


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Marketing is more then just marketing .

Here at NiveMedia we do more then just marketing, we are branding companies through content and paid media. We are giving the customers a feeling that they want to buy.

Your branding and marketing partner

NiveMedia helps companies with optimal present themselves.
We make sure that you are optimal findable on Google and that your branding suits your target audience.

When we create websites we make sure that it suits your target audience also your marketing will match perfectly your website. Your new website will include seo optimization, Google analytics, Facebook Pixel and much more.


  • Personal and one point of contact
  • Quality for a affordable price
  • Direct results and a short turnaround
  • Young and dynamic team


How to use Snapchat Geofilters as a marketing tool.
Snapchat is the newest and hottest social media platform right now. A lot of people use it between the age 16 to 32. The main reason why people are using snapchat is the easy way of sharing a experience and of course the geofilters that comes with that.

Tips for a better personal marketing!
Here we share 4 tips on how to be more personal with your customers and how to improve it. You need to know why the customers you have comes to you, instead of your competitors. Is there a exact reason why their are coming to you? Maybe it is your USP, marketing or influence on other people

Get more leads through Twitter.
There are a few easy ways to gain more customers without any money, it takes only time.When you are posting something on Twitter, you need to figure out which hashtag is the most appropriate for your Tweet. You can do that with using Twitter search, try different words that are in context of your Tweet.

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Be ahead of the curve

Ahead of the curve means that you are using the newest marketing tools and strategies. This way you have the lowest click per cost and your conversion rate will be higher. To be “ahead of the cure” you need expertise and willing to experiment with your marketing, unfortunately not every company can effort that, that is why we are here. Through are numerous of marketing campaigns we can combine data, this way we can improve marketing campaigns for every client who is with us!

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